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newest calvin project…


ALL NEW IQB!  “DEUS EX” - Based off of Frank Miller’s art for Sin City: The Babe Wore Red.   Artwork and concept by your pal Rusty Shackles - inspired by a request from the Retronauts kickstarter. 

Please check out all of the existing IQB’s via the updated look main site here, this image and ALL of the IQBs shown are available as prints here (just email me if you don’t see the one you want). New issue soonish I hope.  Thanks for playing, true believers!

This is so awesome!

Batman Goliath dream team by strider87.

Darth Chernabog over the fire by Richard67915. 


Samus doing her morning routine before going out to smash some faces. Wonder what she’ll be wearing today? I guess she’s got a couple of choices. owo/

This piece was drawn for the upcoming fighting game themed gallery, tournament, and charity “The Art of Fighting”

More info on their FB page:


and twitter: @aofabq

If you are near Albuquerque New Mexico, you should check it out!

They will also be streaming on Saturday:

Cowboy by 00giraffe.


Happy birthday to my friend, linh-sama!  I wanted to try an Okami-inspired watercolor rendition of Ryuko and Mako.  I chose the worst paper to work on though. Whenever I laid down any color, it would just sit ON TOP of the paper in a water bubble READY TO BURST AT ANY PROVOCATION so I had to wait at least ten minutes for each layer to dry.  It turned out okay in the end though!  I killed time in between watching House of Cards. 8D


Peacock from Skullgirls and BB Hood from Darkstalkers colored!

tried a new method of coloring and shading, took a long time to do but i think it came out pretty cool, going to experiment with it more later! a couple days behind uploading because i spent the last few days cleaning and reinstalling stuff on my computer.

Peacock and BB Hood: Do you feel luckypunk?”

When worlds collide by Didj. Sci-Fi Link and Medieval Samus.

High Noon in Hyrule by CitizenWolfie. 


Faux Legend of Zelda movie poster

This is very magnificent!


Harley Quinn illustration.

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She’s cute and crazy. 

Godzilla VS super-sized giant by Gureimon.


A bit of a distraction doodle that I’ve been wanting to draw since seeing the recent Smash Bros. Nintendo Direct stream. I’m glad that Zero Suit Samus is a separate character now, but like a portion of the internet, I do find her heels to be an odd choice. Also, I think I like the Zero Mission version a bit more than the Other M one. ( in addition to being associated with Other M haha )

Anyway, it turns out I love the idea of Samus wearing shoes. It’s silly to have the need justify her being on equal footing with the others. That reason makes absolutely no sense in something like Smash Bros. lol. 

Therefore, here are some sneakers ;3; I feel like that’d fit her better than cyber high heels. The fabulous AND deadly approach fits more with someone like Bayonetta than it would with Samus. To me, sneakers are more of a sporty sexy + more naked than naked appeal. Drew the other shoes for the hell of it.

But still, both versions of Samus in Smash yay! ( Midna not as a playable character boooo XD; )